LeadForm - Typeform Alternative on Wordpress



LeadForm is addon of gravity form.

LeadForm is help you to increase conversion rate of your form by 100% - 200%. Instantly

LeadForm turns your Gravity Forms into highly focused, fast progressing.

Stunning Features

  • Use with regular Gravity Forms
  • Create unique URL form slug, which is customizable.
  • Add Welcome screen text with image.
  • Custom start button text.
  • Add images into checkbox/radio buttons.
  • Use font colors and google fonts.
  • Form background image to attract the customers.
  • Enable sounds effect of form.
  • Free Scroll.
  • Button, Background color, warning message colors are customizable.
  • Display Progress box.
  • Custom favicon icon for form.
  • Custom css, javascript code fields.
  • Allow to enter Google Analytics code, Facebook Pixel code, etc.
  • 100% Multilanguage

Installation of Plugin

  • The installation of the plugin is just like any other plugin installation for WordPress. Login to your WordPress site and go to Plugins > Add New.
  • At the Install Plugins Page click on Upload from the top navigation and then click on browse.
  • Go to the location on your computer where you saved the downloaded plugin zip file and upload "wpep-lead-form.zip" zipped file.
  • Now click on Install Now.
  • Wait until WordPress has uploaded the file. If it's done click on Activate Plugin.
  • Now you should see a message 'Plugin activated' at the top of the window.

Front end form view

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen of LeadForm

Single Line Textbox

Textbox view of LeadForm


Textbox view of LeadForm

Upload Files

File uploader view of LeadForm

ReCaptcha & Submit button

ReCaptcha and submit button view of LeadForm

LeadForm Settings

Change your own form slug

By Default it will be leadform, But you can change it own.

LeadForm form slug change

Welcome screen settings

You can enable/disable welcome screen, By Default it will be enable.

You can add custom image on welcome screen.

You can display custom welcome text on welcome screen.

You can change start button text as you want.

LeadForm welcome screen settings

Colors & Background settings

You can change Question color, answer color, button color, background color, warning messages color.

You can add backgound image. Decide how your background image displays fullscreen, repeat, no repeat

You can change Luminosity by lighter and darker of your background image also you can set opacity of image.

LeadForm background color, question color, answer color, validation error message color.

Fonts & Sounds settings

You can custom google fonts by adding google font name and code.

You can enable/ disable form sound effect. By Default it will be disabled.

LeadForm background color, question color, answer color, validation error message color.

General settings

You can display progress box into form.

For progress box there is two option available 1. Percentage(%) wise and 2. Proportional wise.

Progress box displays to user how many fields or how much percentage form completed by filling info.

Unfocused fields transparency level % = Set transparency of all fields exapt current active or selected field.

Favicon = Set custom favicon icon for form.

LeadForm progress box, Unfocused fields transparency level, Favicon.

Custom code settings

Analytics, Pixel Code etc. = You can add Google analytics code for tracking conversions, Facebook pixel code or any other custom codes.

CSS code = You can add custom css into this box without adding style tag.

JavaScript code = You can add custom javascript code into this box without adding script tag.

LeadForm background color, question color, answer color, validation error message color.

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